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If you have a website and want to set up a link to our PussyPics, you can do so by using one of the banners displayed below. If you link to us, please let us know (Click here to contact us.). Also, if you have questions or problems implanting the code - feel free to ask. We'll be glad to help you.

To get the images, move your mouse over the banner you want, then press the right mousebutton and chose "save as". This will store the image on your harddrive. and you are able to upload it to your host later. Please do not direct-link to the ads displayed here. Thank you.
Below the banners you will see the HTML-code you need to enter where ever you want the link to appear on your webpage. Dont forget to replace the the "XXXXX.gif" with the name you have chosen for the graphic. Again, if you encounter problems, just contact us.

The regular 486/60 Banner.
(Size 468x60, 8kByte)

The regular 234/60 Banner.
(Size 234x60, 17kByte)

The regular 120/60 Banner.
(Size 120x60, 5,5kByte)

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