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By using our service you will respect the following terms and agree to those.

We provide links to other websites on our pages. We do not own those third party websites, therefore we are not responsible for their content. At the time we added these links, those websites did not contain any illegal or offending information or any kind of adult material. If you visit one of those pages and discover that they violate our rules, we would appreciate, if you could provide us with information about the specific websites by contacting us.

Upload and Credits.
If you choose to upload a picture of your pussy-cat, you agree to the following terms:
a) You are the owner of the picture. That means you have the copyrights and no one else!
b) If you want to be given credit for the picture, please let us know at least your name, state and country. We, however, do not require this information for submission.
c) After you upload the picture, we have the right to make changes (i.e. cropping, sizing and etc). We also will have the right to use the picture anywhere on www.PussyPics.de.vu, as well as on merchandise products with out any licensing fee. You still will get credit for the picture, unless you have chosen not to get any credits (see "b" above).

We do not intend to publish copyrighted material without crediting the respective owner. However on some pages we will not be able to give credits, i.e. the "Random PussyPic", other pictures might show "Origin: Unknown" if the picture owner decided to not to give out his name. If you see a copyrighted picture on our pages, with a false copyright statement or without one at all. Please inform us.
All information depicted on our website is copyrighted by us and by the respective owners as well. You are not allowed to copy and/or use any material published on this website in any form without prior written permission.

We do collect information about your surfing behavior on our pages, to help us to improve this website and our other projects. None of the information we collect will be sold or rented in any manner. And of course we wont give it away for free neither. ^..^

To contact us simply send an email via our contact form. You can also send a fax or a voicemail to one of these numbers:
+1 949 606 8163 (U.S.A.) or +49(0)1212 511 999 175 (Germany)
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